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At Elk River Construction, we always use the finest materials and workmanship to ensure that our clients are happy with the project. Customer satisfaction is extremely important to us and a continual goal.

Many clients have taken the time to write to us and we wanted to share their thoughts with you:

Client Testimonials

"It's more than I expected. I have never seen such expert workmanship."
Susan Gillespie
"Thanks so much for your excellent work. It's a pleasure working with you."
A. Vanderbeck
"We waited many years to remodel, so it was important to feel comfortable with our contractor. It turned out to be a wonderful experience."
Norm & Charlotte Klampe
"We got our dream house, and then some!"
Lisa & Roy Scribner
"Excellent work, very professional. We will say good things about you."
Bob and Cheryl Kiggins
"Thank you for a job well done. We appreciate your timeliness and professionalism."
Mike & Julie Fleming
"We enjoyed good workmanship on all our projects in our homes and rental properties. We are pleased with the speed and lack of disruption."
Gordon Kelly, Kelly's Home Center
"I really love how it looks. Thank you for doing it."
Larraince Rakow
"Thanks so much for your excellent work. We love it. We will highly recommend Elk River Construction to anyone."
Chris & Lydia Jones
"Thanks. We are pleased with the work. We will recommend you."
Dr. Marilyn Callahan
"Thank you so much. Everything looks great."
"Thanks. I will contact you regarding our kitchen."
Doug and Katie Parham 
"I'm no Martha Stewart, but it looks good to me. Thanks."
Joyce Kline
"Thanks again for doing a great job."
Harry Horlings
"The skylights are great. Great job."
Michael Ilg
"Good job."
Neal and Alice Smith
"Thanks for all of the hard work to make my kitchen remodel a success! Great job."
"We appreciate the integrity with which you worked with us."
Bob Leroy
"Thanks for the great job you did on the house!"
Randy and Debbie Raddish
"Just wanted to express how thrilled we are with the work you did. I know who to call when I dream up our next project!"
Patrick and Carol Taylor
"Thank you for all your time and effort."
Cindy Pettner
"Thank you for all of your hard work. We love the addition."
"We wanted to thank you again for taking time out of your schedule to talk with us. All the information was insightful and valuable. I see why my mom spoke so highly of you. We just can't thank you enough."
Julie and Cameron



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