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Elk River Construction Services

Design Services
At Elk River Construction and remodeling, we take pride in being extremely versatile with our services. We handle all phases of construction, including in-house custom design services with access to a wide array of existing designs, as well as communications with numerous licensed architects and engineers.  Our design services are included in all of the following project types:

Minor makeovers/existing space
Major makeovers/new space
Adding storage
Walk-in pantries
Family rooms
Master bedrooms
Master suites
Dining rooms
Minor makeovers/existing space
Major makeovers/new space
Full walk-in closets
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The Design-and-Build Process - When you elect to contract with us, we take you through a meticulous step-by-step process, ensuring satisfaction on your project from beginning to end. After an initial phone interview to ensure we fit your needs, we take the following steps:

Free one-time project consultation includes:

Evaluate project feasibility
Site evaluation
Design ideas
Budget ranges
Customer questions
Budget/design letter sent to client

After the customer signs a project contract the process flow will be:

Start preliminary design
On-site meeting for measurements and ideas
Discuss ordinances, codes
Review existing house measurements
Draft preliminary designs and concepts
Submit preliminary drawings to client for review
Design modification
Work with client to refine the design and begin making material selections, while staying within budget

Design completion
Work with client to put finishing touches on design and finalize material selections
Complete project specifications with accurate pricing, present to customer
Sign Project at ERC/client meeting to review contract/specifications
Pre-construction preparation
ERC applies for permits
ERC begins scheduling trade contractors
ERC begins ordering materials
Pre-construction meeting between sales person, customer and project manager for smooth transition between design and construction

Construction begins
ERC monitors project for efficient scheduling and quality of work
ERC conducts meetings with client to keep project on budget and in scope of specifications.

All work completed, per owner's agreed-on specifications

Completion of project
ERC/owner job inspection and walk-thru
ERC presents punch list to customer to be filled out
ERC/customer perform final walk-thru


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For remodeling services or new construction, call  Elk River Construction for the best results
at the best value!

Tel (503) 463-6423


Elk River Inc. CCB # 155146